Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman

The 2016 platform has been superseded as the 2018 platform is now available.  I have left the link here for those that may want to see the 2016 platform using the link below.  And, as noted it is searchable.

During the week of June 14th the Texas Republican party will conduct its' platform convention in San Antonio. 

This is when your Republican peers will be reviewing, revising, deleting, and adding new "Planks" to our platform.

With this in mind, now is a good time for you to get your ideas and input to us on the current platform. 

This is a LINK with the entire 2016 Texas Republican Platform and is searchable for you to reference. Some people may not have gotten to the end of the platform so this series will start from the end of the platform.

After looking though the section please take a few minutes to voice your opinion by sending a message to us using our Contact Page.  

       You might ask:

               Does the plank need to be in the platform;

                       Can it be combined with another plank;

                                    Do you have an idea for a new plank;

                                                    Does the plank need to be reworded;

                                                                 what is your opinion ? ?

                                                      Your voice matters


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