Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman

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Duties and Responsibilities of the District Clerk:

The District Clerk is the Clerk to the 220th Judicial District Court and

County Court At Law

The District Court hears Civil (over $100,000) property tax cases, cases

involving trust, felony criminal cases, and domestic relation matters which

include divorces, annulments, adoptions, receiving and distributing child

support payments.

The County Court at Law hears Civil (under $100,000), domestic relation

matters which include divorces, annulments, adoptions, CPS, and juveniles.

          Juanita Miller

           District Clerk

                                               The District Clerk also participates in the jury wheel, reconstitution jury wheels,

                                               certifying jury lists, and arranging for juries.  The District Clerk does not handle                                                     passports those are referred to local post office



Duties and Responsibilities of the County Clerk:

The County Clerk is the Clerk for the County Courts, Including Probate Court and the Commissioners Court.  The County Clerk files, indexes and records all legal

documents filed for record.

You may obtain your marriage license from this office 
along with certified copies of birth and death records and also assumed name (DBA) certificates.


         Tab Ferguson

          County Clerk

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Duties and Responsibilities of the County Treasurer:

Receipt of funds, disbursement of funds, and accounting 

for funds in custody. The Treasurer receives and disburses 

cash bonds and is the chief investment officer.

Phone: 254-435-2382


           Carla Sigler 

       County Treasurer


Duties and Responsibilities of the Tax Assessor/Collector:

Assesses and collects taxes on property in and

for the County, and under certain conditions,

for other taxing units.

Other responsibilities include vehicle registration,

voter registration, calculation of taxes, tax delinquency, 

and temporary alcoholic beverage license.

Phone:  254-435-2301

       Arlene Swiney,

 Tax Assessor / Collector


Duties and Responsibilities of the Republican Chairperson:

To Identify and register voters in your Precinct; 

Informing voters as to political events, and helping turn out the vote;
Attending meetings of the County Republican Executive Committee;
Working at the polls and/or recruiting poll workers;

Running the Precinct Convention.

Email:  Bosquegopchairman @

       Janet Jackson

 Republican Chairperson

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