Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman


Are you:

Sick and Tired of Whining Democrats!

Sick and Tired of Russia, Russia, Russia!

Sick and Tired of News Media’s constant lies!

Sick and Tired of Hillary Clinton and her excuses!

Sick and Tired of Nancy Pelosi mumbling out of both sides of her crooked mouth!

Sick and Tired of being blamed for everything!

Sick and Tired of attacks on Christians!

Sick and Tired of attacks on the 2nd Amendment!

Sick and Tired of Dems crying about families being separated at the border then crying that they may lose the right to kill babies in the womb! Makes my head spin!

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired!

The best way to fix it is too win BIG in November. Texas is the crown jewel of the current political battle, and the Democrats are going all out for Texas. It’s not good enough for Abbott and Cruz to win. We need crushing victories. If it’s even close the Democrats will claim a victory and be even more fired up in 2020. Next, we need to add seats in the Senate and House, especially the Senate! Finally, we need to win all of our local elections!

What can we do?

  • Speak up! Don’t be afraid to make your position known.
  • Get yourself and everyone you know registered and out to vote. Drag’em by the hair or ears, buy them lunch and an ice cream sundae…. whatever it takes. We need all hands on deck!
  • If you can, give $ to the campaigns. The Beto campaign against Cruz is the number one fundraising campaign for Democrats in the entire country!!
  • If you have more time than money, get involved and do something, anything positive. Phone banks, send out post cards, emails, Facebook Posts….
  • Pick a vulnerable Democratic Senate seat in a Red state and support it as noted above.
  • Get involved with our local Republican Club & Party activities.
  • Pray, Pray, Pray!!!

If we accomplish this, we can have fun watching the Democrats and liberal media heads explode (figuratively speaking of course) on live TV election night and for weeks following. That will be entertaining! It will be 2016 all over again! 

                                    Let’s Make America even Greater!

God Bless America

Ricky Richards



The BCRC Dunking Booth was a great hit with kids                                      young and old at the

        Valley Mills Independence Day celebration.

        Ronnie Liardon, 

County Commissioner Pct 4 

gets back onto the seat after being dunked by his son.

       Adam Hillman, 

Hospital Administrator for Goodall Witcher Hospital 

was game and got wet for the BCRC.


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