Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman



Playing Monday & Tuesday June 6 & 7

Cliftex Theater in Clifton  7 pm


Primary Runoff results

AG - Ken Paxton

RR Commissioner - Wayne Christian

Land Commissioner - Dr. Dawn Buckingham

Bosque JP Pct 2 - Michele Valdez



City & School Elections

Saturday May 7

Early Voting at Courthouse

April 25 8am to 7pm

April 26 - 29 8am to 5pm

May 2&3 8am to 5pm

Go to:

for local ballots &

                                   election day location


May 24 Runoff for:

Attorney General

George P Bush

Ken Paxton

Land Commissioner

Dawn Buckingham

Tim Westley

Railroad Commissioner

Sarah Stogner

Wayne Christian

Bosque Justice of Peace #2

Leslie Perry

Michele Valdez

Early Voting May 16 - 20


Clifton Civic Center

Election Day polling places

7 am to 7 pm

Pct 1 &2 Iredell City Hall

Pct 3,4,5,6 Meridian Civic Center

Pct 7,8,9 Clifton Civic Center

Pct 10 & 11 Valley Mills

Old City Hall



254 435 6650

Bosque Republican Bosque 

Bosque Republican Meeting

Tuesday May 17 6:30 pm

Clifton Civic Center

Coffee & Desserts served








This is it folks, time to step up and help to, literally save our Republic!

A representative from the Mighty American Strike Force will be with us to show you how you can help take Congress back. This includes tasks you can do at home to traveling with the Strike Force to be Boots on the Ground.

I was privileged to be with the Strike Force for Senator Tom Tillis in NC to regain that R senate seat and then again for President Trump. This is more than sending a check to a candidate, this is giving some time and real effort to make a difference, Please join us to see how you can actually do something to take our country back.

Our JP Runoff candidates will be with us,

 Les Perry and

Michele Valdez

Angelia Orr

Announces candidacy

for new TX House District 13

Facebook:  Angeliaorrfortexas



HQ Reopening from Roof Flood

Open House Saturday Nov. 13

10:00 till 2:00

Great flags & Hats for sale 

First day to file for Office

We have been redistricted from both 

our State & US House districts.

For the 2022 election, we are moved from US Congressional District 25 with Roger Williams to District 31 with incumbent John Carter.

State House District 58 with Represenative DeWayne Burns is redistricted excluding Bosque. We will be in District 13 with 5 other rural counties and the far east democrat voting corner of McLennan. There is no incumbent  so it will be an open seat.



Documentary to be shown free of charge 

The Cliftex in Clifton

Tuesdays July 13 and 20  at 7 pm.

Byrne is a libertarian who did not vote for Trump and has criticized him publicly: that said, he believes Election 2020 was rigged, and this fact should be objectionable to every person who believes that "just government derives its power from the consent of the governed." In this book he explains what caused him in August 2020 to study election fraud, and what really happened during the 2020 election. He describes how his team of "cyber-ninjas" unraveled it while they worked against the clock of Constitutional processes, all against the background of being a lifetime entrepreneur trying to interact with Washington, DC. This book takes you behind the headlines to backroom scenes that determined whether or not the fraud would be exposed in time, and paints a portrait of Washington that will leave the reader asking, "Is this the end of our constitutional republic?"

Congressman Roger Williams

               TOWN HALL

    Tuesday June 8    6 pm

      Meridian Civic Center


2021 Sherrod Fielden Patriot Scholarships awarded

Sue Fielden had the pleasure of presenting the Scholarship recipients to the May Bosque Republican Meeting. Congratulations to Ellison Li, Landry Cockrell and Laramie Crockett, each outstanding scholars and young citizens.  


Republican Meeting Tuesday May 18

Clifton Civic Center 6:30

Sherrod Fielden Scholarship Awards

SREC Col. Jon Ker


with Legislative updates

$5 Hot Diggity Dog Dinner

No reservations needed !

City and ISD Election Information

Bosque County Courthouse Early Voting Schedule:
110 South Main, Meridian, Tx

Monday, April 19th - 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tuesday, April 20th - Friday, April 23rd 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday, April 26th - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday, April 27th - 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

May 1, Election Polling places:

Meridian Civic Center - 309 W River Street, Meridian Tx - 

City of Meridian Pct 3 & 4

Clifton Civic Center - 403 W 3rd Street, Clifton, Tx - 

City of Clifton Pct 8 & 9

Valley Mills Old City Hall - 107 South 4th Street, Valley Mills Tx - 

City of Valley Mills & Valley Mills ISD Pct 8, 9, 10 & 11

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Time to get back in the saddle

We lost the battle but the war is not over.

I know most of you are willing to still be in 

the fight to save the American culture we

have known and cherished. 2022 will be 

critical to stop the damage the liberal left is going to inflict on America. Let's stand together and do our part as Patriots to get ready to take this great country back.

Bosque Republican Party Meeting

Tuesday March 16 at 6:30, Clifton Civic Center

Not a dinner, just coffee  /  2021 Membership drive

Remarks from  Sheriff Trace Hendricks &

County Judge Cindy Vanlandingham

Legislative and Election Integrity updates

Stop Wind Turbines in Bosque Initiative

As we are all disappointed in our Presidential election, we need now to just concentrate on our community. As Chairman of the Bosque Republican Party, I have agreed to be the coordinator for the Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition in Bosque County. If you are interested in learning more about this dire problem, join us for an informative (COVID social distancing, mask wearing) meeting by registering here, just copy and paste this address to get to the form. If you have trouble, just email me that you will attend at:


Congratulations to our newly sworn in County Officials

County Court at Law Judge Luke Giesecke (second from left) swore in newly elected Officials 1/1/21

Sheriff  Trace Hendricks,  County Judge Cindy Vanlandingham,  Commissioner Billy Hall


County Chairman Janet Jackson, leads protest 

of District Judge Shaun Carpenter

Prior to our former County Auditor, Kent Reeves and prior to our currently elected County Treasurer Carla Sigler, our county finances were such that our bond rating was prohibitive of financing a desperately needed new Law Enforcement Center. After a major financial clean-up by Reeves, we were in a position to pass a bond that, over the life of the payout will save the county over $2 million dollars. We now have a completely modern Law Enforcement Center where county employees are safe and comfortable to work and we have the space availability to house out- of - county detainees for profit.

Not satisfied with the enormous work accomplished and additional tax burden to the citizens to move the Sheriff’s department and Jail to the new facility, our former Sheriff, a few years ago demanded pay raises above that given to county employees across the board. When the annual budget process could not accommodate the requested raises, the current outgoing Sheriff went on a public tirade. His harassment of the Auditor which included sophomoric attacks in the newspaper and on Face book, reminiscent of 7th grade hate mail was relentless. When the Commissioners Court would not acquiesce to his demands, the Sheriff decided he would ignore all normal interaction with the public, including a department ban he instituted on attending in uniform, each of the following annual 9-11 Memorials and Salute to First Responders at the Courthouse. After untold badgering and unwarranted attacks, it is no wonder our very competent Auditor accepted a position away from Bosque County. This has been a noticeable loss to the finally smooth running keeping of our county finances.

The District Judge is by law the person who hires and oversees the position of Auditor, who is in fact, the county Chief Financial Officer. Our newly elected District Judge Shaun Carpenter hired a person for the position without properly advertising for the position or interviewing additional candidates. The person he hired is a forensic auditor who had never worked with county budgets or county bookkeeping processes before. The learning curve according to many in the Courthouse has been long and disruptive. The Auditor has now contracted another forensic auditor to add to her growing staff, a person whose bedside manner would make a dying person want to pull their own life support. Although the county employee handbook states little tolerance for egregious behavior to other employees, this person has been witnessed to yell, badger and pester employees and elected officials in at least four separate departments in the county to unacceptable and actually unbelievable proportions, causing backlogs in their duties and reporting. The behavior of this person would certainly warrant termination under normal circumstances. However, she has been protected by the Auditor and Judge Carpenter with only a reprimand “to not do it again”.

The Auditor who is not content to work with the processes our former Auditor put in place that saved the county enormous sums of revenue is insisting that she (who had no prior experience with county or government budgets) would develop her own systems that everyone must adhere to including some processes that are not legal by state rules. THE CHAOS AT THE COURTHOUSE that all of this has caused for nearly a year now lies at the feet of the District Judge who is responsible for the Auditor’s position and department. Judge Carpenter has repeatedly been requested to handle the situation which he has refused to act upon except for inquiring if the position of county Treasurer could be eliminated. By the way, the county Treasurer has been locked out of the system used to enter all of the department receipts by the Auditor for over 8 weeks until the Auditor can work out her new system. Mediation with the County Attorney who is a licensed Mediator came to no fruition and there is ongoing consultation with the State County Treasurers Association to try to come to terms with this mess.

As a side note which may or may not have anything to do with this matter; it is known that the District Judge would like to suspend the second amendment rights of Bosque Citizens visiting the Courthouse. A notion not popular with many who work there. As one senior elected official remarked “show me a building or school with a gun free zone sign and I’ll show you a building with a target on it.” Coincidently, if the Treasurer was eliminated or moved out of the Courthouse, it is assumed the courthouse would then be completely Judicial and automatically a gun free zone. This would most probably ease the fears of a gun attack on the District Judge who often times has the courthouse Deputy escort him to and from his car upon arrival and departure. Just saying……. may or may not play into the desire to have the Treasurer removed.

We have a new Sheriff about to come into office on January 1 who is respectful of the Commissioners Court and all citizens, which many are looking forward to. As our current County Judge is stepping down December 31, the Commissioners Court will be naming a replacement soon. It is time for concerned citizens to step up and hold the District Judge and County Auditor accountable for all of these disruptions that stem from just one office. Let the workings in the Courthouse get back to normal where all employees and elected personnel are treated with respect and no longer have to endure the castigations from a superior protected by Judge Shaun Carpenter.

Judge Carpenter seems to think the Courthouse is his domain to rule. The Courthouse belongs to the citizens of Bosque county and he is merely an elected person who is only guaranteed another 2 years of his term. Perhaps he should ease up on his ego and simply do what is right.

Janet Jackson, Bosque County Republican Chairman


 Voting Times and Locations 

for November Election 

All General Election, Times, Places, Precinct map and Ballot names

are under the Election Information tab at the top of page





Clifton Civic Center    403 W 3rd St in Clifton

Tuesday September 15, doors open 6:30 Program 7:00

This will not be a dinner, no reservations required

Special Guest Speaker, Pastor Ramiro Pena

Rev. Ramiro A Pena is the founder and pastor of Christ the King Baptist Church in Waco. He has a television ministry in both English and Spanish that reaches all 50 states and 120 countries. He travels extensively preaching the gospel and ministering to world leaders. The Lord has used him to help plant 14 other churches in Texas, Mexico, Cuba and India since 1991. He currently is involved with the Faith and Opportunity Initiative for President Donald J. Trump and served on the National Hispanic Advisory Council to Presidential candidate Donald Trump.


Congratulations to our New RPT Chairman

Lt. Col. Allen West

After a disastrous State Convention due to the lack of planning by the previous State Chairman, Allen West was elected to head the State Party by no less than a landslide. Garnering 27 of the 31 senate district caucus votes, the call for change was answered. A near fatal motorcycle crash just a month before did not slow this warrior down. Back on the campaign trail just days later with multiple injuries, proved his dedication to the cause.  Saving Texas from turning Blue will be greatly aided by having him at the helm.


Next Republican Club meeting will be 

Tuesday September 15 at the Clifton Civic Center



        Are you ready to help with this vital election ?

       Please consider helping in one of these very important campaign tasks.

 Deputy Voter Registrar

We must make sure that every eligible voter is registered here in Bosque County.

A Deputy Voter Registrar (DVR) carries voter registration cards with them at all times to have non registered voters fill out and give back to the DVR to turn in. This can be done on an individual basis or at any gathering. Last day to register to vote is October 5, 2020.

Go to this site to study material:

After reviewing the easy to follow material, Call the Bosque Elections Administrator, 

Crystal Denman at 254 253 1792 to take the test and get set up. Then contact County Chairman Janet Jackson at 254 709 1187 for registration opportunities.

Phone banking from home on your computer


The Red Dialer program is an easy to use system to make multiple calls from your computer to assist in data gathering and increasing voter registration.

 Go to:

Fill in your information and a data coordinator will set you up.



Trace Hendricks

Republican Primary winner for

 County Sheriff

Continue to support Trace


for the Nov. 3 election !

    We are pleased to announce the



Riley Perry

Dakota Cassidy

Ella Therese Edmiston

Colby Caniford

Dacey Dietiker

Primary election results

Sheriff Run off July 14th

Trace Hendricks                                 Clint Pullin

Commissioner Pct 1

Marvin Wickman  547
Billy Ray Hall  573

 For complete results go to:



All Bosque Polls open 7am to 7 pm

Pct  1. Iredell City Hall   218 S Eastland St Iredell

Pct. 2   Walnut Springs City Hall 4126 3rd St. Walnut Springs

Pct. 3 & 4 Meridian Civic Center  309 W. River St. Meridian

Pct. 5 Lakeside Community Center 136 CR 1275 Lakeside

Pct. 6 West Shore Community Center 560 FM 3118 Laguna Park

Pct. 7  Cranfills Gap Community Center  312 N 3rd Cranfill Gap

Pct. 8 & 9 Clifton Civic Center  403 W 3rd St. Clifton


Pct. 10  Valley Mills Old City Hall 107 South 4th St. Valley Mills

Pct. 11  Cayote Community Center 3339 FM 56 Valley Mills



  Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

Tuesday Feb. 18  Clifton Civic Center

doors open 6:30 program at 7:00

Coffee Tea and Desserts served

Recognition of local candidates

You may not know it, but the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) touches your life almost every day.  From the gas pump you used to fill up your car this morning to the salsa you’re eating at dinner, TDA was there to help. From the healthy lunches at your child’s school to the scales used to weigh your luggage at the airport, TDA was there, too.  From our role as the state consumer protection agency to administering school lunches and marketing Texas products, the TDA is a diverse and busy place.  We work hard to serve you.  


  2020 Vision for Texas Republicans

The votes from every small and medium size county in Texas will count more than ever before  this year as we counter balance the 5 liberal urban voting bases in the state. Please support the Bosque Republican Party as we work to do our part in keeping Texas RED and TRUMP in office.


Primary Candidate filing is over, our Bosque Candidates:

Sheriff : Larry Betik, Trace Hendricks & Clint Pullin

Commissioner Pct 1: Marvin Wickman & Billy Hall

Commissioner Pct 3: Larry Phillip

County Attorney : Natalie Koehler

Tax Assessor: Arlene Swiney

Consatble Pct 1: Scott Ferguson

Constable Pct 2: Jay Sparkman

Membership Drive and Candidate Showcase

Our January 21 meeting at the Clifton Civic Center  at 6:30 will be our annual Membership Drive along with a Candidate Showcase. This will be a covered dish supper, we will furnish the fried chicken and beverages. Bring a side or dessert. Dinner will still be $5 to cover cost. We invite you to come and support the Party and meet our Candidates. 

                   Our TRUMP store for signs, shirts and hats will be open also.

 Remembering  Sherrod

We do not grieve the loss of Sherrod Fielden but celebrate his life, as we know he dwells in the House of the Lord now. Our very special Friend, Patriot, Navy Veteran and Poet Laureate will be greatly missed. Our love and support goes out to his loving wife of 57 years, Sue and their family.


                      Matthew    25:23     

Well done my good and faithful servant.


Deadline to file for a place on the Republican Party March 3, Primary Ticket is Monday December 9 at 6:00 pm at the BCRP Office: 505 W. 5th St. Suite 240 in Clifton. If you come after 3:30 you must have your form already NOTARIZED. Call Chairman Janet Jackson at 254 709 1187 for filing appointment.


Tuesday November 19th

Sheriff Candidate Forum

Join us as we hear from 3 Law Enforcement Veterans who will be on

the March 3, 2020 ballot for Bosque County Sheriff'

Clifton Civic Center, doors open at 6:30 Forum around 7:15

$5. chili and corn muffin dinner (no reservations, just come hungry)

Forum will be moderated by Brett Voss and Paul Hardcastle

        Clint Pullin               Larry Betik             Trace Hendricks


                 Be sure to VOTE Tuesday November 5    

                 for Constitutional Amendments  

               All voting in Bosque will be at the  

           Courthouse in Meridian 7 am to 7 pm

 For ballot info go to:


Legislative Town Hall

               Tuesday October 15

               Clifton Civic Center  

Join us as we hear from our State Rep. DeWayne Burns and State Senator Brian Birdwell concerning the recent Legislative session and what it means to us . Doors open at 6:30 with program at 7:00.

This will not be a dinner so no reservations are needed

Coffee, Tea and Sweets will be served.


Fall Fest in Clifton

The Republican Tent will be in full swing with candidate information, voter registration and plenty of TRUMP  2020

merchandise. Come see us on Saturday October 19 !


Bosque County Appreciates



the Swamp

 Join Congressman Roger Williams

Tuesday August 20, 6:30  


Clifton Civic Center 

No Reservations needed

         Dress Your Dog Dinner  

$5 at the door


Independence Day Celebration

Join us in Valley Mills as we celebrate Independence Day.

The BCRP will have a float and additional cars in the

             morning parade. Afterwards we  will have a booth in the City Park    

          with voter registration, games for the kids and candidate information.  

           If you would like to help with the booth or float or throw candy to the       

                 crowd ,while riding with our mascot Chad,  drop us a line at:

Memorial Day Ceremony in Bosque

Clifton VFW Post 8553 is hosting this year' s local Memorial Day Ceremonies. The community is
invited to join us at 10:00, May 27th at the Clifton Trinity Cemetery on Hwy 6 at the south edge
of town to honor those who have given their all for us and our great country. The guest
speaker will be our Congressman Roger Williams. Congressman Williams has been a steadfast
champion in the U.S. House for our service men and women and veterans. The veterans of Post
8553 also want to show their gratitude to our local veterans with a free lunch after the
ceremonies. All veterans and their families are invited to join us at the local American Legion
Hall dining room at 11:00. The meal catered by Johnny’s Place will be chicken fried steak and
chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and cobbler.

The March Bosque Republican Club Dinner Meeting will be at the Meridian Civic Center. The topic and speakers will address the "THE STATE OF THE (BOSQUE) COUNTY. Elected County officials will present an update  on all functions of the County.

We will hear from our County Judge, Commissioners, County Court at Law, Hospital Authority and County Emergency Services.

    Doors open at 6:30, Clyde's BBQ dinner at 7:00 

Program at 7:30. Make reservations at 254 326 1170.

Happy New Year to all our Friends and Fellow Patriots!

2019 will be a very important year as we build toward the 2020 elections. In November of this year, candidates will again file to run for office, it just seems to keep rolling along. Although we had a very definitive Republican victory in Bosque County, there is much work to be done. Please join us at our Club meetings and consider volunteering with the Party to keep a strong conservative local government and help with District, State and National initiatives.

         2019 off to a great start with our County officers taking Oath.

                From left: County Court at Law Judge Luke Giesecke, JP Jaime Zander,

                   Commissioner Terry Townley, Treasurer Carla Sigler ,Commissioner Ronny

                   Liardon, District Clerk Juanita Miller, County Clerk Tab Ferguson and 

                  County Judge Don Pool.

                    January BCRC meeting, Tuesday 1/15    

                                  Clifton Civic Center 

    The Honorable 10th Court of Appeals Justice Rex Davis

                        speaking on "Trends in Texas Criminality"

                Doors open at 6:30    Dinner served at 7:00     Program 7:30

Make dinner reservations at:  or leave message at: 254 326 1170

                          Please indicate how many will have dinner ($12 at the door)

                         Pork loin, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls and cobbler.

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