Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman

This is a Tim Blog   (Dec 19, 2018):

I recently came upon some disturbing information regarding religious descrinination within our Party.  What follows is my course of actions:

Dr. Shafi - A Republican

I recently wrote this note to  (Tx House Dist 98) and copied the following with 1 auto response and 1 "he will be out of town that day" response:  Darl Easton did reply with some information.,                                      Tarrant County Republican Club Chairman                                ,                 Bosque County Republican Club Chairman,                    Tx House - Dist 93,                      Tx House - Dist 63,               Tx House - Dist 91,         Tx House - Dist 92,                                    Tx House - Dist 115,                                 Tx Senate - Dist 22                                 Tx Senate - Dist 9


I write to you today as a Citizen and Veteran who served to protect our liberties under the Constitution, one of which is - free speech,  That said, some free speech warrants rebuttal and/or repercussion. 

My topic is one which I am sure you are aware of, as it is occurring in your district and has received the attention of area news media articles.  The Republican club of Tarrant County lead by Darl Easton, has a few members who seem to be fueled by outside antagonists such as  Sara Legvold, a Republican who describes herself as a "pissed off conservative patriot," (according to the Star Telegram article on this subject)( and supported by very young inexperienced people of the Carroll ISD in their recent Face Book post.

I have read some of the concerns that Mr. Shafi is Muslim, therefore,  supports Shari law.   There are many religions that have an "orthodox" view of their religion, but there are many who claim to be a member of that religion who do not partake in that extreme.

The man has accepted and promoted the beliefs of your/our country, been accepted by members of your community as noted by his elected position to the South Lake city council and his dedication to the Republican Party by serving on the State Republican Party Convention on the Rules Committee for many years.  I recently was chosen to represent SD 22 at the 2018 Republican convention serving on the Legislative Priorities Committee.  

I submit to you Sir, that if you do not speak out against their malicious religious rhetoric,  you will be condoning their message.  I am sure that your position on the House of Representatives Ethics Committee would not allow any such malicious conduct in the House.

The meeting for this club resolution is expected to take place on Jan 10th,2019 at the Republican Headquarters,  7524 Mosier View Court, Suite 230 / Fort Worth.

Thank you

Tim Sullivan

A Concerned Citizen


Having no response from the Casey or the publication I wrote to WBAP, Rick Roberts. Two days later I was listing to Cris Salsaida 's talk show (Dec 7, 18 around 10;am) as he was interviewing Dr. Shafi on this subject. I was elated to think that maybe my email to the station prompted them to follow up on a very important issue. A few hours later I heard the WBAP news reporting the story.

The following is what I sent to the radio station:

Rick Roberts- good show today about the Dallas "oversight committee".  Another disparity, which you may be aware of, is the the attempted removal of Dr. Shafi from the South Lake republican club as vice chair due to his religion being Muslim.  I have written the above note to the republican representatives of the surrounding counties, our Senator, and the Star Telegram and Newsweek.  

Aside from the political overtures, the more important aspect of this is the promotion of anti-symetism and the spreading of hate.

Thanks for reading this

Thinking that this was a step forward but wondering where our national republican committee chairman, the Party's representative was on this issue I wrote the following on Dec 7, 18 to James Dickey:

This email is directed to James Dickey.  

Please review the above emails.  I sent this information to the radio station in Dallas on 12-05-2018, WBAP .  Today, 12-7-2018 the station aired an interview on their talk show and reported this subject on their news broadcast.  They also noted that the "Leaders" of the Republican party - (That's you) - have not responded to their requests for comment. 
    So, What are you doing about this issue for our party?  For me?  

What are you doing about the issue in Austin where the city council is considering passing a "law" to force churches to accept people into their congregation who's beliefs are counter to the church?  

I expect to be part of our war to combat the 2020 election onslaught of which this is just 1 of many battles to come.  

Why aren't you reaching out to your County chairs in an effort to combat these events? 

I was a proud member the 2018 Legislative Priorities Committee and for your election, at which time I had some reservations.  For me, to date, my fears have not been quelled.

Anticipating your reply,
Tim Sullivan

Shortly thereafter I found that the Party had taken an offensive position on admonishing those who were standing against the principles, our founding covenants that define our way of life.

Although the timing of these event may be coincidental, I am proud to think that I may have had a role in promoting others to stand up for our beliefs.

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