Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman

Hey - This is a Tim Blog:  (I really get BENT over this)

Is anyone receiving requests for donations ??
                        Of course you are ...
                                            but how many of you know how and where                                                                     your donation is being used ??????

                                        Probably - not many of you.

The web sites 

                         Charity and 


               are a couple of good resources to help you understand if you                     want to donate your $$$$$ to them.

The reason for this blog is I received a donation request from 

                     "The Disabled Veterans National Foundation" 

             Sounds pretty official and who wouldn't want to help?


 Turns out after looking into their rating, they spend almost 70% of                                     YOUR $$$$$$ on their fund raising efforts.

That means that they are spending the majority of your $$$$$ on the company they hired to call you and .... and .... the garbage trinkets they send you to make you feel guilty if you do not donate!  

                              (This organization sent me a t-shirt!)

                 The Veterans don't get nearly what you are donating!

                                                  The message here is: 

            Don't let the title and heart wrenching images influence you 

            Check out how they spend                             YOUR $$$$$

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