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County Court at Law Clarified

With the retirement of Judge Christian, the citizens of Bosque County will be electing a new judge of the Bosque County Court at Law on November 6th.  The Republican candidate, Luke Giesecke, is an attorney living in Meridian with his wife, Meghann, and two daughters.  He is a trial lawyer and, as such, is in the courtroom almost daily.  For the last six years he has handled the following types of cases:  All levels of criminal defense, from traffic tickets to first degree felonies; CPS cases; juvenile delinquency; child custody; child support; adoptions; and civil cases.  These are the exact types of cases heard by the presiding Judge in the Bosque County Court at Law. In fact, over the last six years, he has had extensive experience practicing in this very court and has never been without an open case in it. However, in addition to being a trial lawyer, he is also a small-town attorney and will often represent clients in many other types of non-litigation matters. 

The Democratic Candidate, John Hastings, has owned and operated the Bosque Cen-Tex Title Company in Meridian for the last 33 years.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, he believes that the Bosque County Court at Law is expensive and unnecessary. He has promised three things.  If elected:

1.   He will “defund and permanently close” the Bosque County Court at Law..

2.   He will “not accept any salary or other pecuniary gain.”

3.   He will “not take any action that is not absolutely necessary for the formal                      abolition” of the Bosque County Court at Law.

Every promise listed above that John has made is either impossible or illegal for him to fulfill.  The Bosque County Court at Law cannot be “defunded” as it is created by statute.  There is a process to shutting down a court created by statute, and the judge of that court has absolutely no role in any part of that process.  In fact, the judge has no more say in whether a court is created or abolished than any average concerned citizen.  Just as the court is created by statute, the salary of the judge is mandated by statute and the judge cannot legally refuse to accept it.  If John is elected and refuses to fulfill his duties as judge, he will be violating at least 18 laws, many of which are grounds for removal from office, and a new judge appointed.  Not only is John incorrect on the means to doing away with the court, he is wrong about our county’s need for it.  The cost to the county to have this court is minimal and the benefits far outweigh any cost.  Just a few of those benefits are:  A lawyer judge familiar with the rules of evidence and procedure presiding over cases instead of a non-lawyer county judge, relieving some of the caseload of the overburdened district court, quicker resolution of cases resulting in more fines and fees collected and fewer people sitting in jail, and more efficient processing of criminals which keeps our community safe.

Luke is, and has always been, a conservative.  As such, he supports limited government, but expects that limited government to be efficient.  He supports law enforcement and doing the things that are needed to enable them to keep our families and communities safe.  He supports Bosque County and the people of this county.  He has the knowledge, skills, and experience to fill this role and work together with our existing county officials to accomplish all of these things.  He is looking forward to continue to serve our community as the judge of the Bosque County Court at Law. 

     We must all come out and support Luke Giesecke    

                   with our votes on November 6th! 


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