Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman


Record voting in Bosque & State for Mid term elections

Across Texas, the 2018 mid term election was the highest turnout in 52 years. In Texas 4.9 million voters voted early as compared to 2.1 million in 2014. In Bosque, early in- person voting and mail in votes accounted for 56.7 percent of the total votes with 4,373 early ballots cast as opposed to 1,721 in 2014. Only 4,929 votes were cast in 2014 with 7,714 cast in 2018, this equates to a 70.2 percent voter turn out.




Luke Giesecke wins Bosque   County Court at Law seat

Luke Giesecke with wife Meghann and daughters  are congratulated by Senator Brian Birdwell at the Election night watch Party. One of the most contested and publicized political races in the last 20 years in Bosque came down to a 65.5% win for the hard fought office.

Although the Democratic candidate "borrowed" the traditional red color for his signs with the sub title "the Conservative choice" and gave away red balloons at every civic event, it was not enough to overcome the no nonsense message from Mr. Giesecke. Congratulations Luke on your win !


Congratulations to Terry Townley who handedly  won his race for County Commissioner Pct. 2 with 80.9% of the vote. Terry has served as the Road and Bridge Supervisor in Pct 2 for 6 years and brings all his experience and knowledge of the job with him as he serves on the Commissioners Court.


Uncontested races keep experienced officials in office.

County Judge  - Don Pool, District Clerk - Juanita Miller, Tab Ferguson - County Clerk, Carla Sigler - County Treasurer, Ronny Liardon - Commissioner Pct. 4, Jeff Hightower - Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 and Jaime Zander - Justice of the Peace Pct.2.


 Hospital District Passes

The passage of this district initiative will be

very instrumental in keeping quality healthcare in Bosque County. It will provide Goodall Wicher Hospital with approximately 10% of its budget beginning in 2020. This  will compensate for the loss of the 1115 Waiver, originally designed to cover uncompensated care because Texas did not expand Medicaid. Valuations will not exceed $0.25 on each $100 valuation of all taxable property in the district..


       The Sept, 2018 Meeting

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