Bosque County Republican Party

Janet Jackson, County Chairman

This is a Tim Blog   (Oct 15, 2018):

I and my neighbor, and I suspect many others of you, received this letter in the mail from Zack Malitz. You probably don't recognize this name but he is a follower of Bernie Sanders, a devote advocate for socialism for this country.

               Zach Malitz at work for
                Congressman O'Rourke

In the first sentence of the letter, Zack, states that he "works for Beto here in Bosque county". He, like the person he is promoting (O'Rourke) show you a different version of what you think. 

Fact is, Zack lives and works in Austin (according to his Facebook add). And when you look on the internet under his name you will see that he is a "diehard" socialist supporting self proclaimed "progressive", backed by the Democratic party.

Has anyone asked Beto where he thinks the money to pay for all or this free stuff is coming from? I heard of a person in New York stating - and the Republicans want us to PAY for green stamps!

                  Zach's letter to you 

At the end of the 3rd paragraph in his letter to you he states that "Washington is broken". Words spoken many times by the previous president.

In the 4th paragraph Zach states that he (Beto) "has worked with Democrats and Republicans to find real common sense solutions", when in fact, if you review O'Rourke's voting record, he has voted NO on many of the common sense issues that Ted Cruz and Texans believe in.

The 6th principle of the Texas Republican Platform states:

    Limiting Government power to those items enumerated to 

    the United States and Texas constitutions

MAKE NO MISTAKE, a vote for Beto is a small step for our county to slide down a path to socialism and destruction of our FREEDOM.

Tim - A Concerned Citizen 

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